Psalm 29

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Text and translations

Clementine Vulgate (Psalm 28)

Latin.png Latin text

1  Psalmus David,in consummatione tabernaculi. Afferte Domino, filii Dei, afferte Domino filios arietum.
2  Afferte Domino gloriam et honorem; afferte Domino gloriam nomini ejus; adorate Dominum in atrio sancto ejus.
3  Vox Domini super aquas; Deus majestatis intonuit: Dominus super aquas multas.
4  Vox Domini in virtute; vox Domini in magnificentia.
5  Vox Domini confringentis cedros, et confringet Dominus cedros Libani:
6  et comminuet eas, tamquam vitulum Libani, et dilectus quemadmodum filius unicornium.
7  Vox Domini intercidentis flammam ignis;
8 vox Domini concutientis desertum: et commovebit Dominus desertum Cades.
9  Vox Domini praeparantis cervos: et revelabit condensa, et in templo ejus omnes dicent gloriam.
10  Dominus diluvium inhabitare facit, et sedebit Dominus rex in aeternum.
11  Dominus virtutem populo suo dabit; Dominus benedicet populo suo in pace.

Alternative Vulgate (Psalm 28)

Latin.png Latin text

1  canticum David adferte Domino filios arietum
2  adferte Domino gloriam et imperium adferte Domino gloriam nomini eius adorate Dominum in decore sancto
3  vox Domini super aquas Deus gloriae intonuit Dominus super aquas multas
4  vox Domini in fortitudine vox Domini in decore
5  vox Domini confringentis cedros et confringet Dominus cedros Libani
6  et disperget eas quasi vitulus Libani et Sarion quasi filius rinocerotis
7  vox Domini dividens flammas ignis
8 vox Domini parturire faciens desertum Cades
9  vox Domini obsetricans cervis et revelans saltus et in templo eius omnis loquetur gloriam
10  Dominus diluvium inhabitat et sedebit Dominus rex in aeternum
11  Dominus fortitudinem populo suo dabit Dominus benedicet populo suo in pace

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

1  Bring unto the Lord, O ye mighty, bring young rams unto the Lord: ascribe unto the Lord worship and strength.
2  Give the Lord the honour due unto his Name: worship the Lord with holy worship.
3  It is the Lord that commandeth the waters: it is the glorious God that maketh the thunder.
4  It is the Lord that ruleth the sea; the voice of the Lord is mighty in operation: the voice of the Lord is a glorious voice.
5  The voice of the Lord breaketh the cedar-trees: yea, the Lord breaketh the cedars of Libanus.
6  He maketh them also to skip like a calf: Libanus also, and Sirion, like a young unicorn.
7  The voice of the Lord divideth the flames of fire; the voice of the Lord shaketh the wilderness: yea, the Lord shaketh the wilderness of Cades.
8  The voice of the Lord maketh the hinds to bring forth young, and discovereth the thick bushes: in his temple doth every man speak of his honour.
9  The Lord sitteth above the water-flood: and the Lord remaineth a King for ever.
10  The Lord shall give strength unto his people: the Lord shall give his people the blessing of peace.

Káldi fordítás (28. zsoltár)

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

Dávid zsoltára a hajlék elkészűltekor.
Hozzatok az Úrnak, Isten fiai! hozzatok az Úrnak fiatal kosokat.
Hozzatok az Úrnak dicsőséget és tiszteletet, hozzatok az Úr nevének dicsőséget; imádjátok az Urat az ő szent tornáczában.
Az Úr szava a vizeken, a fölség Istene mennydörög; az Úr a sok viz fölött.
Az Úr szava erőben, az Úr szava dicsőségben jő.
Az Úr szava összetöri a czedrusokat; az Úr összetöri a Libanon czedrusait;
és szökdelteti azokat, mint a borjút, a Libanont, mint az egyszarvuak fiát.
Az Úr szava szétvágja a tűz lángját.
Az Úr szava megrendíti a pusztát; és az Úr megmozdítja Kádesz pusztáját.
Az Úr szava vajúdásba hozza a szarvasokat, és megritkítja a sűrűket, és az ő templomában mindnyájan dicsőséget mondanak.
Az Úr a vizözön felett uralkodik, és az Úr, mint király, örökké fog ülni.
Az Úr erőt ad népének; az Úr megáldja népét békeségben.

Metrical 'Old Version' (Thomas Sternhold)

English.png English text

Give to the Lord, ye potentates,
Give ye with one accord,
All praise and honour, might and strength,
Unto the living Lord.

Give glory to his holy name,
And honour him alone;
Give worship to his majesty,
Within his holy throne.

His voice doth rule the waters all,
As he himself doth please;
He doth prepare the thunder-claps,
And governs all the seas.

The voice of God is of great force,
And wondrous excellent:
It is most mighty in effect,
And most magnificent.

The voice of God doth rend and break
The cedar-trees so long,
The cedar-trees of Lebanon,
Which are both high and strong;

And makes them leap like as a calf,
Or as the unicorn;
Not only trees, but mountains great,
Whereon the trees are borne.

His voice divides the flames of fire,
And shakes the wilderness:
It makes the desert quake for fear,
That Cades called is:

It makes the hinds for fear to calve,
And coverts plain appear;
And in his temple ev'ry man
Speaks of his glory there.

The Lord doth sit upon the floods,
Their fury to restrain:
And he likewise as Lord and King
For evermore shall reign.

The Lord will give his people strength,
Whereby they shall increase,
And he will bless his chosen flock
With everlasting peace.

Metrical 'New Version' (Tate/Brady)

English.png English text

Ye princes that in might excel,
Your grateful sacrifice prepare;
God's glorious actions loudly tell,
His wondrous pow'r to all declare.

To his great name fresh altars raise,
Devoutly due respect afford;
Him in his holy temple praise,
Where he's with solemn state ador'd.

'Tis he that with amazing noise,
The wat'ry clouds in sunder breaks;
The ocean trembles at his voice,
When he from heav'n in thunder speaks.

How full of power his voice appears!
With what majestic terror crown'd!
Which from their roots tall cedars tears,
And strews their scatter'd branches round.

They, and the hills on which they grow,
Are sometimes hurried far away;
And leap like hinds that bounding go,
Or unicorns in youthful play.

When God in thunder loudly speaks,
And scatter'd flames of lightning sends,
The forest nods, the desert quakes,
And stubborn Kadesh lowly bends.

He makes the hinds to cast their young,
And lays the beasts' dark coverts bare;
While those that to his courts belong
Securely sing his praises there.

God rules the angry floods on high;
His boundless sway shall never cease;
His saints with strength he will supply,
And bless his own with constant peace.