Request:Angelus ad Virginem (Anonymous)

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Title: Angelus ad Virginem

Composer: Anonymous

Date of request: 2002-12-29

Requested by: Jessica Redford

Additional notes: 13th or 14th Century Latin. Other translations and adaptations include:

  • Come The Archangel To the Maid
  • Gabriel To Mary Came

A cheerfully sounding song about the Annunciation, Angelus ad Virginem or, in its English form, Gabriel, From Heven King Was To The Maide Sende. A popular Medieval carol. The text of this song is a poetic version of Hail Mary. Thankyou.

Status: Completed

Date completed: 2006-03-21

Volunteer: Mark Chapman

Location of requested score: Angelus ad Virginem (Anonymous)