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Welcome, Angelina Figus, and thank you for contributing your Tota pulchra and The first Noel scores to ChoralWiki. I have taken the liberty to fix the links to the music files (which were missing a few things), adding categories, and correcting the voicing categorizations ("Ms" must be replaced by "S"). Also, on your composer page, I have once again changed the DEFAULTSORT to {{DEFAULTSORT:{{NameSorter}}}}, which automatically sorts the page correctly under "Figus, Angelina" ... putting in {{DEFAULTSORT:{{Figus,Angelina}}}} is erroneous syntax for what you intended (instead {{DEFAULTSORT:Figus, Angelina}} would have been correct). I did not remove the {{Cleanup}} template on the one page, because I was not sure what you meant by "motivo" as the reason for needing cleanup. I hope my corrections agree with your intentions. If not or if you need any further help, please feel free to leave me a note, either here or on my talk page. Once again, thank you and welcome! – Chucktalk Giffen 14:29, 4 November 2010 (UTC)


Hi Angelina. Usually when an arrangement of a work by an other composer is posted, the custom is to post it on the original composer's page and add the Arranger template just below the Edition notes, viz.

:'''Edition notes:''' ...
:{{Arranger|Angelina Figus}}

I've done this already for your Silent Night arrangement (it is now on the Stille Nacht (Franz Xaver Gruber) page, under the Arrangements section). The same should be done with your arrangement of The first Noel, which would be moved to The first Nowell (Traditional). I hope this meets with your approval. And thanks for the lovely arrangements!! – Chucktalk Giffen 19:53, 7 November 2010 (UTC)