Vergine pura

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General information

Lyricist: Francesco Petrarca. The third stanza of his Vergine poem.

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Text and translations

Italian.png Italian text

Vergine pura, d'ogni parte intera,
del tuo parto gentil figliola et madre,
ch'allumi questa vita, et l'altra adorni,
per te il tuo figlio, et quel del sommo Padre,
o fenestra del ciel lucente altera,
venne a salvarne in su li extremi giorni;
et fra tutt'i terreni altri soggiorni
sola tu fosti electa,
Vergine benedetta,
che 'l pianto d'Eva in allegrezza torni.
Fammi, ché puoi, de la Sua gratia degno,
senza fine o beata,
già coronata nel superno regno.

English.png English translation

Virgin, pure, perfect in every way,
daughter and mother to your noble Son,
you who illuminate this life, adorn the other,
through you that Son of the highest Father,
O highest shining window of heaven,
came to save us in these latter days:
and from all the other earthly wombs
you alone were chosen,
Virgin, so blessed,
that Eve's weeping turned to happiness.
Make me, as you can, worthy of His grace,
O forever blessed,
already crowned in the highest kingdom.

Translation by Anthony S. Kline ©

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