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(List of choral works)
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==List of choral works==
==List of choral works==
*{{NoCo|Canite tuba}} {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|Ego sum panis vivus}}   ( [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-Ego_sum.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-Ego_sum.mid}} {{mid}}] [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-Ego_sum-XML.zip}} MusicXML] )
*{{NoCo|Hodie completi sunt dies Pentecostes}}   ( [http://www.notamos.co.uk/145534.shtml {{net}}] )
*{{NoCo|Non turbetur cor vestrum}}   ( [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-Non_turbetur.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-Non_turbetur.mid}} {{mid}}] )
*{{NoCo|O quam suavis est Domine}}   ( [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-O_quam_suavis.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-O_quam_suavis.mid}} {{mid}}] [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-O_quam_suavis-XML.zip}} MusicXML] )
*{{NoCo|Petite et accipietis}}   ( [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-Petite.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-Petite.mid}} {{mid}}] [{{filepath:Curtio_Valcampi-Petite-XML.zip}} MusicXML] )
*{{NoCo|Senex puerum portabat a 6}}   ( [{{filepath:1,34_Valcampi,_C._Senex_puerum_a_6.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:1,34_Valcampi,_C._Senex_puerum_a_6.mid}} {{mid}}] )
*{{NoCo|Tribus miraculis a 6}}   ( [{{filepath:1,26_Valcampi,_C._Tribus_miraculis_a_6.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:1,26_Valcampi,_C._Tribus_miraculis_a_6.mid}} {{mid}}] )

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Flourished: 1600 - 1610


Of Valcampi little is known besides contributions to general published collections of both madrigals and motets.

List of choral works

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