Emily Mary Shapcote

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Born: 1828

Died: 1909


In 1856, Em­i­ly mar­ried Ed­ward Giff­ord Shap­cote, Cur­ate of Od­i­ham, Hamp­shire (and lat­er a mis­sion­a­ry in South Af­ri­ca); her mar­ried name is some­times shown as “Shep­cote,” though the orig­in­al marr­i­age re­cord clear­ly shows “Shap­cole.” In 1866, Em­i­ly moved to Ro­man Ca­thol­i­cism; her hus­band fol­lowed two years lat­er. As of 1906, she was living in Torquay. Her works in­clude:

  • Hymns for In­fant Child­ren, 1852 (the date is oft­en er­ron­e­ous­ly shown as 1840); Em­ily co-au­thored this work with her aunt Mary Steward (“A.” in the book) and her sister Eleanor Steward (“C.”).
  • Eucharistic Hours, 1886

Information taken from http://www.cyberhymnal.org on 7 February, 2013

Settings of text by Emily Mary Shapcote


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