Orlando di Lasso

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Orlando di Lasso

Aliases: Orlande de Lassus, Orlandus Lassus, Roland de Lassus, Roland Delattre


Born: 1532

Died: 14 June 1594


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List of choral works

Sacred music

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Novae aliquot, ad 2 voces cantiones 12 Cantiones duarum vocum, bicinea or duets

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Lasso was one of the most prolific composers of the 16th century, and as such published an unusually large number of works, in a large number of languages and genres. Many went through several subsequent editions -- most notably, his first book of 4-voice madrigals went through 14 distinct editions from 1560 to 1592. The table below lists his major publications, along with year of first printing, genre of works contained, number of voices, and other notes.

Original prints

Name Genre Voices First Publication Notes
Le quatoirsiesme livre a 4 parties Mixed 4 1555 Lasso's first publication, commonly referred to as "Opus 1". Contains 12 madrigals and 6 each of villanelles, chansons, and motets.
"Viersprachendruck" Mixed 4, 8 1573 Known as the "Four-Language Print." Contains 6 each of motets, lieder, chansons, and madrigals.
Madrigali a 4 voci, libro primo Madrigal 4 1560 Lasso's first and only book of madrigals for 4 voices.
Primo libro di madrigali a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1555
Secondo libro di madrigali a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1557
Terzo libro di madrigali a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1563
Libro quarto de madrigali a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1567
Madrigali: novamente compostia a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1583
Madrigali: a 4, 5, e 6 voci, novamente composte Madrigal 4-6 1587 Effectively Lasso's last book of madrigals, his seventh in total.
Lagrime di San Pietro Spiritual Madrigal 7 1595 Lasso's final work, completed just before his death in 1595.
Libro de villanelle, moresche, ed altre canzoni Villanelle 4-8 1581
Premier livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties Chanson 4-5 1564
Second livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties Chanson 4-5 Pre-1570 Contrary to its name, the majority of this publication is dedicated to Italian madrigals.
Tiers livre des chansons a 4, 5, et 6 parties Chanson 4-6 1560
Quatriesme livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties Chanson 4-5 1564
Nouvelles chansons a 4 parties, le premier livre Chanson 4 1566
Mellange d'Orlande de Lassus (...) a 4, 5, 6, 8, et 10 parties Chanson 4-10 1570 A large compilation of Lasso's chansons. Also contains a number of secular motets.
Etliche auserlesne kürtze gute geistliche und weltliche Liedlein mit 4 Stimmen Chanson 4 1582 A book of pre-existing chansons re-set to German texts.
Neue teütsche Liedlein mit 5 Stimmen Lieder 5 1567 Lasso's first book of lieder.
Der ander Theil teutscher Lieder mit 5 Stimmen Lieder 5 1572 Lasso's second book of lieder.
Der dritte Teil schöner, neuer, teutscher Lieder (...) mit 5 Stimmen Lieder 5 1576 Lasso's third book of lieder.
Fuerstlichen Bayrischen Cappellenmeisters Teutsche Lieder mit 5 Stimmen Lieder 5 1583 Lasso's first three books of lieder combined.
Neue teutsche Lieder, geistlich und weltlich mit 4 Stimmen Lieder 4 1583 Lasso's fourth book of lieder.
Neue teutsche, und etliche frantzösische Gesäng mit 6 Stimmen Lieder 6 1590 Lasso's last book of lieder, which also included some French chansons.
Teutsche Psalmen: geistliche Psalmen mit 3 Stimmen Sacred Lieder 3 1588 A book of 3-voice German Psalms.
Il primo libro de mottetti a 5 et a 6 voci Motet 5-6 1556 Lasso's first book of motets. Not all are on sacred subjects.
Sacrae cantiones quinque vocum Motet 5 1562
Thesaurus musicus Motet 4-8 1564 An enormous 5-volume collection of sacred music by various composers, with one volume for 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 voices, respectively. Pieces by Lasso appear in each book, for a total of 17 motets. One secular piece (the 8-voice Jam lucis orto sidere, a drinking song parodying a Christian hymn) is included.
Sacrae lectiones novem ex propheta Iob, in officiis defunctorum cantari solitae Motet 4 1565 (Venice)
Modulorum 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 10 vocibus (...) secundum volumen Motet 4-10 1565
Sacrae cantiones (...) liber secundus Motet 5-6 1566
Sacrae cantiones (...) liber tertius Motet 5-6 1566
Sacrae cantiones (...) liber quartus Motet 6-8 1566
Selectissimae cantiones Motet 4-8 1568 In two volumes.
Cantiones aliquot 5 vocum Motet 5 1569
Selectiorum aliquot cantionum sacrarum 6 vocum Motet 6 1570
Moduli quinis vocibus nunquam hactenus editi Motet 5 1571
Patronicium musices (...) prima pars Motet 4-6 1573
Patrocinium musices … passio, 5vv idem lectiones Iob, et lectiones matutinae de nativitate Christi, 4vv, quarta pars Motet, Passion 4, 5 1575 (Munich)
Liber mottetarum 3 vocum Motet 3 1575
Novae aliquot, ad 2 voces cantiones Motet 2 1577 A book of 24 duets. Half are textless, and may have been meant for instruments.
Lectiones sacrae novem, ex libris Hiob excerptae Motet 4 1582 (Munich)
Sacrae cantiones (...) 5 vocum Motet 5 1582 Not to be confused with Lasso's previous set of four "Sacrae cantiones" publications.
Mottetta, 6 vocum, typis nondum uspiam excusa Motet 6 1582
Psalmi Davidis Poenitentialis Motet 2-6 1584 A setting of the Penitential Psalms of David.
Sacrae cantiones (...) 4 vocum Motet 4 1585 Not to be confused with Lasso's previous set of four "Sacrae cantiones" publications.
Cantica sacra sex et octo vocibus Motet 6, 8 1585
Hieremiæ prophetæ lamentationes, et aliæ piæ cantiones Motet 5 1585 Contains Lasso's 5-voice setting of the Lamentations of Jeremiah in addition to several other motets. A 4-voice setting of the same text also exists in manuscript form, written c.1588.
Cantiones sacrae 6 vocum Motet 6 1594 Lasso's last book of motets.
Cantiones 5 vocum ab Orlando di Lasso et huius filio Ferdinando di Lasso Motet 5 1597 A joint publication with works by both Orlando di Lasso and his son Ferdinand di Lasso.
Prophetiae Sibyllarum Motet 4 1600 A collection of unusually chromatic motets set to various prophecies of twelve of the Grecian Sibyls, published several years after Lasso's death. According to the date written on an autograph manuscript, they were likely composed sometime before 1560.
Cantiones sacrae 6 vocibus Motet 6 1601 Another joint publication between Orlando and his son Ferdinand.
Magnum Opus Musicum Motet 2-12 1604 An enormous posthumous publication consisting of 514 of Lasso's collected motets, a large portion of his sacred output. Link is to the IMSLP article.

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