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'''Country of origin:''' Canada
'''Country of origin:''' Canada
'''Contributor since:''' 2005.12.05
'''Contributor since:''' 2005-12-05
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{{CPDLno|6824}} {{LinkW|mendelss/mend-how.pdf|mendelss/mend-how.mid|mendelss/mend-how.mus|Finale 2004}}
{{Editor|David Cameron|2004-03-12}}{{ScoreInfo|Letter|9|312}}{{Copy|Personal}}
:'''Edition notes:'''
==Contact information==
==Contact information==

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This is the user page of composer David Cameron.

General information

Country of origin: Canada

Contributor since: 2005-12-05

Works with editions by this editor: 23 (see list)


CPDL# Composer Work Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif Source Scorch Notes
spacehold Monteverdi Magnificat secondo FS spacehold Finale 2014 space hold

Contact information

e-mail: charles.david.cameron At sign.png gmail.com