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'''Number of scores on CPDL:''' 121 individual works (some multiple movement works and 13 of which are complete Masses).
'''Number of scores on CPDL:''' 121 individual works (some multiple movement works and 13 of which are complete Masses).
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==Contact Information==
==Contact Information==

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General Information

Contributor since: 2003-04-08

Number of scores on CPDL: 121 individual works (some multiple movement works and 13 of which are complete Masses).

Works with editions by this editor: 160 (see list)

Contact Information

E-mail: paul@marchesano.org or paul.marchesano@gmail.com


Born: 1963, New York, NY

Professional singer and organist in Philadelphia, PA. Tenor section leader for the premier professional ensemble Vox Ama Deus in the Philadelphia area as well as occasional member of the semi-professional 20-voice ensemble, Ancient Voices, at the University of Pennsylvania.

I also am a pipe organ restorer, maintaining a small number of organs in the Philadelphia area, and consulting nationally.

My Editions

I have nearly completed a major project in preparing the first (to my knowledge) modern edition of Six Solo Cantatas for solo voice (soprano or tenor) and instrumental ensembles (strings, plus additional instruments) by Thomas Arne, published in 1755. Full scores plus realized continuo part, instrumental parts, as well as wav or mp3 files of synth voice will be included. Because of the scope of the project, I will seek to publish these for a reasonable fee. Enquiries are welcome.

I am working on organizing my editions into a table with direct links to the files. Until then, here is a no frills alphabetical list.

A ce matin (Orlando di Lasso)
A la claire Fontaine (Traditional)
A solis ortus (Gilles Binchois)
Adoramus te, Christe (Mikolaj Zielenski)
Alleluia, Confitemini Domino (Jean Mouton)
Alleluia, verbum caro factum est (Antoine Busnois)
Alma Redemptoris Mater (Peter Philips)
Assumpta est Maria (Peter Philips)
Au joli bois je m'en vais (Charles Tessier)
Auprès de ma Blonde (Traditional)
Ave Maria (Claudio Merulo)
Ave Maria (Dominique Phinot)
Ave Maria (Gioacchino Rossini)
Ave Maria (Peter Philips)
Ave Maria, Op. 12 (Johannes Brahms)
Ave Regina caelorum (Peter Philips)
Ave Sanctissima Maria (Heinrich Isaac)
Ave verum (Josquin des Prez)
Ave verum corpus (Peter Philips)
Avec le jour (Orlando di Lasso)
Beati estis (Peter Philips)
Benedicta sit (Tomás Luis de Victoria)
Cantabant Sancti Canticum Novum (Gregor Aichinger)
Christ Our Passover (Horatio W. Parker)
Christmas Hymn (Dudley Buck)
Christus factus est (Johann Ernst Eberlin)
Christus factus est (Pompeo Cannicciari)
Christus factus est a 4 (Giovanni Matteo Asola)
Christus resurgens (Peter Philips)
Congratulamini mihi omnes (Adrian Willaert)
Crux fidelis (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
Ecce lignum crucis - Crux fidelis (Adrian Willaert)
Ecce vicit Leo (Peter Philips)
Ecce Virgo Concipiet (Cristóbal de Morales)
Eia ergo (Peter Philips)
Emitte spiritum tuum (Paul Leo Söhner)
Esprits divins (Claude Goudimel)
Et Manducantibus Illis (Giovanni Giorgi)
Euge Caeli Porta (Thomas Tallis)
God be in my head (Henry Walford Davies)
God is Our Refuge (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Haec est dies (Claudio Merulo)
Herr, wir trau'n auf deine Güte, Op. 96, No. 3 (Felix Mendelssohn)
Hodie Beata Virgo (Peter Philips)
Hodie beata Virgo Maria (Claudio Merulo)
Improperium Expectavit (Giovanni Battista Casali)
Improperium Exspectavit (Giovanni Giorgi)
Improperium exspectavit (Pompeo Cannicciari)
In monte Oliveti (Mikolaj Zielenski)
Inclina Cor Meum (Philippe de Monte)
Iste est Joannes (Peter Philips)
Je ne puis vivre ainsy (Antoine Busnois)
Laetatus sum (Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki)
Le triste (Jacob Arcadelt)
Light's glittering morn bedecks the sky (Horatio W. Parker)
Loquebantur variis linguis (Peter Philips)
Magnus sanctus Paulus (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
Magnus sanctus Paulus a 4 (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
Mirabile mysterium (Adrian Willaert)
Miserere Nostri (Thomas Tallis)
Misericordia Domini (Giuseppe Pitoni)
Missa "Inclina Cor Meum" (Philippe de Monte)
Missa "Qual Donna" (Orlando di Lasso)
Missa 'Alleluia' (Jean Mouton)
Missa che fa oggi il mio sole (Gregorio Allegri)
Missa de Beata Virgine (Gregor Aichinger)
Missa Gaudeamus (Tomás Luis de Victoria)
Missa in A (Pompeo Cannicciari)
Missa Mon cœur se recommande à vous (?Orlando di Lasso, or Johannes Eccard)
Missa Phrygia (Pompeo Cannicciari)
Missa Prima Sexti Toni (Giovanni Croce)
Missa Sicut lilium inter spinas (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
Missa Spem in alium (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
Missa Surge propera (Tomás Luis de Victoria)
Missa Ultimi miei sospiri (Philippe de Monte)
Nobis Sancti Spiritus (Alexander Agricola)
Noe, noe (Gregor Aichinger)
Nulla in mundo (Antonio Vivaldi)
O admirabile commercium (Giovanni Palestrina)
O crux benedicta (Claudio Merulo)
O crux splendidor (Peter Philips)
O magnum mysterium (Cristóbal de Morales)
O Nomen Jesu (Peter Philips)
O quam suavis est I (Peter Philips)
O sacrum convivium (Giovanni Giorgi)
O salutaris hostia (William Byrd)
Omnipotens sempiterne Deus (Adrian Willaert)
Or sus, serviteurs du Seigneur (Psalm 134) (Claude Goudimel)
Pues que no puedo olvidarte (Ginés de Morata)
Qual donna’attende a gloriosa fama (Cipriano de Rore)
Quel fronte signorille (Guillaume Dufay)
Regali ex progenie (Adam of Fulda)
Regina Caeli (I) (Antoine Busnois)
Regina caeli (Robert White)
Resvelons nous (Guillaume Dufay)
Salve Regina (Dominique Phinot)
Salve Regina (Peter Philips)
Sancte Paule Apostole (Adrian Willaert)
Sancte Paule apostole (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
Tantum ergo, Op. 55 (Gabriel Fauré)
Te lucis ante terminum (Thomas Tallis)
There were shepherds (Dudley Buck)
Tibi laus, tibi gloria (Peter Philips)
Tota pulchra es (Robert White)
Tribus miraculis ornatum diem (Claudio Merulo)
Tu es Petrus (Peter Philips)
Ultimi miei sospiri (Philippe Verdelot)
Veni Domine (Cristóbal de Morales)
Veni Sancte Spiritus (Adrian Willaert)
Victimae paschali laudes (Antoine Busnois)
Videte miraculum (Thomas Tallis)
Vidi aquam (Tomás Luis de Victoria)
Vidi turbam magnam (Pompeo Cannicciari)
Virgo Rosa (Gilles Binchois)
Virgo, Dei Mater pura (Gregor Aichinger)
Virgo, Mater benigna (Gregor Aichinger)
Virgo, quae charitate (Gregor Aichinger)
Virgo, quae salutata (Gregor Aichinger)
Voicy le bon temps (Eustorg de Beaulieu)
Vox in Rama (Mikolaj Zielenski)
Wash me thoroughly (George Frideric Handel)