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General Information

Contributor since: 2006-08-31

Number of scores on CPDL: 2

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Contact Information

IS-601 Akureyri
Tel:+354 894 4260


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Roar Kvam graduated from the Music Conservatory in Oslo, Norway where he studied choral music and conducting with Trygve Lindeman, orchestra conducting with Øyvin Fjeldstad and composition with Finn Mortensen. He have studied wind band conducting in Holland with Henk van Lijnschooten and in Norway with Trevor Ford.


Kvam has been composing since age 15 and has many works in print. He was the director for the oratorio choir "Passíukórinn á Akureyri" for 25 years, Akureyri Male Choir "Geysir" for 10 years, Akureyri Chamber Orchestra for 5 years, Akureyri Music School Windband for 25 years, Akureyri Theater Choir for 10 years. He fouded the women's choir Kvennakórinn EMBLA in 2002 and have conducted it since then. He is also the owner and director of his own music school "Tónskóli Roars" since 1992.

He has done music engraving jobs for Iceland Music Information Center from 1992 and others from 1985.